Translated 9 has been forced to retire from the Ocean Globe Race as the crew onboard has reported that the boat is taking on water

Translated 9, one of the leading yachts in the Ocean Globe Race, has retired from the round-the-world race with hull damage and has diverted to Portugal.

The Italian yacht, the current IRC leader of Leg four, pulled out of the race after a heavy broach when 50-knot gusts slammed them down, reopening previously repaired cracks in their hull around the rudder skeg and causing the yacht to take on water.

On April 5, OGR race control received a text message from co-skipper Nico Malingri stating that the yacht’s previous rudder skeg repairs were failing with obvious signs of delamination with the original hull and hull flexing.

All pumps were ready and while not expected, all preparations to abandon ship were made and all sailing pressure taken off the boat. The weather was moderate with 25-30 knots of wind and 3–4-metre seas. The skipper did not request any assistance at that time

The Italian Swan 65 left Punta del Este on 5 March for the finishing line in Cowes having already sailed over 5000 miles in the final leg of the Ocean Globe Race. Formerly known as ADC Accutrac during the 1977 Whitbread, the yacht was first in IRC for Leg Four, first in the Flyer Class and third in the fleet for Line honours.

During Leg Three of the race, Auckland to Punta del Este, Translated 9 was forced to return to the Falkland Islands after two cracks developed in the stern sections of the yacht following broaches in strong winds. One crack appeared near the rudder skeg. It was deemed unsafe to continue racing to Punta del Este and the crew sailed to the Falkland Islands.

The situation was not considered a Code Orange (to advise MRCC) by the OGR and was under control with a close watch being maintained.

Translated 9 is expected to reach Portugal on 11 April.

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