The sea shanty is reborn by mad mountaineers The Wild Bunch with 'Dodo's Delight' featuring YM contributor Rev Bob Shepton

The sea shanty is reborn!

No such thing as downtime for punk mountaineers The Wild Bunch or Rev Bob Shepton, who sailed to Greenland and Baffin Island onboard Bob’s Westerly Discus 33 Dodo’s Delight to pioneer some new climbs.

Rather than while away the hours snoozing or reading books, The Wild Bunch fished out their instruments and dragged the sea shanty through a Pogues gig to create Dodo’s Delight, an homage to Shepton’s yacht and to their base in the north.

Hats off to The Wild Bunch, with whom it can truly be said there is never, ever a dull moment, and to Bob who, at the tender age of 80, displays a joie de vivre that makes Mick Jagger look curmudgeonly.