The publication of Ellen MacArthur’s book ‘Taking on the world’, about her experiences in the Vendée Globe, has been put back into 2002

She’s been scribbling on chart tables, on ‘planes, backstage at functions, but still Ellen MacArthur has been unable to devote enough time to her book for publishers to release it as scheduled later this year. For a woman so completely unacquainted with failure, the news has come as something of a disappointment.

“It was never my intention to create a ‘picture book of the Vendée’ because I did not think this could ever do justice to the race nor the experience,” said Ellen. “I am just so very sorry to be in the situation where I was unable to write what I had hoped in the time.

“Life since the vendee has certainly changed – something which I am writing about in the book – but it has made it very difficult to write, sail and live and breathe at the same time. I do feel far more comfortable right now that I can do the book justice.”

Publishers Michael Joseph/Penguin were also disappointed but still convinced the final result would more than justify the delay. “Ellen is desperately upset not to have been able to write the book in time for publication this year,” said Rowland White, Publishing Director, “but from the outset has been determined to write the very best book she can.

“Rather than a rushed, ghost-written souvenir of her success in the Vendée Globe, she’s writing her own very personal, in-depth autobiography. It will be the whole story, in her own words. She’s adamant that the book will be something she can feel very proud about.

“Moving from this October is disappointing, and Ellen would like to apologise to the trade for the delay, but ultimately it will mean a much, much better book.”

Ellen’s 2002 schedule has been rearranged to include a promotional tour featuring presentations and talks at a variety of locations around the UK.