British Marine reports that the leisure boatbuilding industry is booming and sailing boats account for three-quarters of all new boats being built in the UK

Demand for UK made sailboats is at record level, increasing by 7.2 per cent in 2014, says British Marine.

With over 1.1million UK adults participating in sailing activities in 2014, of which 215,971 households own sailboats, both at home and away sailing is proving prosperous for Britain’s marine industry.

The figures on production come from new research by British Marine, in collaboration with Phil Draper & Associates, reporting that the overall UK build of leisure boats increased by 4.3 per cent in 2014. This is in spite of challenging trading conditions in the Eurozone and other key foreign markets.

Leading this surge is the nation’s sailboat companies, producing at least 7,870 of the 10,120 boats manufactured in the UK. Key to this growth is the strengthening position of the UK as a leading player in the international dinghy market, with global successes from British Marine members including Topper International, Laser Performance and in particular RS Sailing whose new Aero model has received praise worldwide, winning awards from the Netherlands to the US.

Sarah Dhanda, Membership & Services Director of British Marine, comments: ‘These figures showcase the strength of Britain’s marine industry in a climate when UK manufacturing is under pressure to compete in international markets. It is the high-quality skills and versatility of our members, particularly within the sail sector, which keeps the UK at the forefront of production.’

‘With increased support from the Government, called for in British Marine’s Manfiesto, we could see future figures soar as the full potential productivity of UK marine businesses is unleashed.’