Hiker finds pilot licence and cash

Items belonging to Steve Fossett the missing adventurer and ocean sailor have been found on a lonely mountain trail. A ski shop owner, Preston Morrow, hiking in the mountains above Mammoth Lakes,California found an FAA card that listed the name Steve Fossett,a pilot’s licence, a third ID and $1,005 in cash tangled in a bush . The items were found near a weathered jacket.

Police are now examining the items.

Steve Fossett disappeared on 3 September 2007, after taking off in a single-engine
plane borrowed from a Nevada ranch owned by hotel magnate Barron Hilton. A
judge declared Fossett legally dead in February. This year’s biggest search
for Fossett focused on Nevada’s Wassuk Range, more than 50 miles north of
Mammoth Lakes. That search ended last month. Mammoth Lakes is a community at
an elevation of more than 7,800 feet on the eastern flank of the Sierra
Nevada, where peaks top 13,000 feet.