The £20 yachtsmen have to pay for VHF will last the life of the vessel

Ofcom has announced that ships’ radio licences will be valid for the life of the vessel reducing the administrative burden on the UK’s 68,900
maritime licensees.

This removes the requirement for radio users to purchase a licence each
year. They will also:

* provide a web-based licensing service as an alternative to the postal

* issue electronic licences to users online, free of charge;

* require licensees to confirm their licence details at least once every
10 years; and

* dispense with the requirement to display the licence disc; however, a
copy of the licence must be kept on board the vessel.

Ofcom will continue to make paper licences available for applicants who
do not have access to, or prefer not to use, the internet. There may be
an administration fee for this.

The full policy statement can be found at: