Welcome to the June 2020 issue of Yachting Monthly, on sale 23 April

As the barometer falls and the unseen storm threatens, the time has come to batten down the hatches and hand another reef in. These are turbulent times, but as sailors, we are well equipped to weather them in a number of ways.

We’re being urged to self-isolate; isn’t this what many of us have been doing for years, seeking the peace and solitude of being a lone ship on a wide sea? The lessons in self-reliance and being at ease in our own company stand us in good stead.

Vendée Globe sailor and adventurer extraordinaire Conrad Humphreys knows only too well the mental and physical fortitude required to spend months alone amid a hostile ocean. The fruit of his experience offers nourishment amid this new isolation (p44).

Then again, sailors are a sociable bunch and the fellowship of the sea runs deep. We may set sail alone, but there’s no question that we would go to the aid of another seafarer in need. We’re also used to communicating over long distances over the radio and various radio nets, video-calling family once we’re back in range of WiFi.

So how will you be spending the next few months? None of us will be able to continue as if nothing has changed. If you’re still out and about, the world’s slower pace might give us time to tinker on our boats, getting through the jobs list, safe in our own little worlds.

If you’re holed up at home, there’s plenty to do. Pull down an old log book and let the turning pages take you back to sea. Unroll a chart and you’ll have the world at your fingertips to plan your next cruise. Or maybe the pages in your hand might be the tonic you need. Let us transport you to Ireland (p46), St Kilda (p58) or the Ionian (p52), pilot you into a harbour at night (p34) or discuss the finer points of running rigging (p66) and engine maintenance (p72).

Now’s the time to light a fire, pour a drink and spin a yarn, so keep in touch. We’d love to hear from you.