Police warning to potential buyers

A conman is trying to take deposits for a boat which has already been sold, South Wales Police have warned. Vale of Glamorgan detectives have been investigating a possible fraud over a £65,000 sailing boat in Penarth Marina.

The incident came to light when the original owners of the boat revealed the conman posing as an interested buyer requested further details of the yacht which were provided.  Although the vendor heard no more it became apparent that his yacht, Tiger II, was being marketed at a vastly reduced price both via the internet and in a number of specialist sailing publications.

Inspector Huw Thomas of Barry CID said: “While no crime has actually been committed here in South Wales these fraudsters may have secured a number of deposits from prospective purchasers anywhere in the world. We would urge anyone who is considering any such purchase to proceed with extreme caution and to take all necessary steps to ensure they are dealing with the rightful owners.  If they have any cause for concern they should contact their local police station immediately.”