US Hurricane Centre tracking Atlantic low

The American National Hurricane Centre has issued a weather warning about the Atlantic Low currently at 27N 40W. The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers’ weather forecasters are keeping a careful eye on the depression, ready to warn the fleet if it should strengthen or alter its track.

The ARC Net has also enabled a warning of suspicious vessels approaching
yachts off the African coast to be relayed throughout the fleet. They are most likely to be innocent fishing vessels, but yachts are heading further offshore, as a precaution.

An ARC yacht is sailing back to Gran Canaria after her skipper, Michael
Fulton, broke into the daily radio roll call to report that his Morgan 38, Leyenda, was sinking, with ‘water over our knees’. Another ARC yacht, Ambor 40 Harvey, stood by until a Spanish SAR helicopter arrived with a pump.