21-year-old in hospital

A round-the-world sailing charity is appealing to its insurance to stump up ‘repatriation’ fees for a crewman from a Tall Ship, specially adapted for handicapped sailors, who fell sick and had to be dropped on a sparsely-populated mid-Atlantic island.

The 21-year-old sailor is receiving medical treatment in isolated Tristan da Cunha, population 261, in the South Atlantic after being shipped ashore from the 55m ship Lord Nelson.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust’s flagship hove-to 17 miles offshore while a RIB from the island was brought to the sick crewman’s assistance. The handicapped sailor had been part of the Norton Rose Sail the World Challenge when medical problems from his condition forced him to seek hospital attention.

The ship’s on board doctor was unable to treat him effectively during the passage from Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town. A combination of able-bodied and disabled crew is sailing around the world on the 50,000-mile voyage that left Southampton, UK on 21 October 2012.

After receiving advice from members of the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s Medical Advisory Committee, and liaising with the JST’s shore-based operations team in Southampton, Captain Chris Phillips decided the best course of action was to transfer the crew member ashore for further medical attention.

Jubilee Sailing Trust CEO, Alex Lochrane, said:’I’d like to extend our thanks to the MRCC and the local authorities in Tristan da Cunha for their assistance.’

A spokeswoman for the trust told YM: ‘Once he is well enough he will be put aboard the next passing cargo ship to Cape Town which is due next month.’

Lord Nelson is expected to arrive in Cape Town on 2 February.