High pressure slows Roxy

Vendee Globe sailor Sam Davies’ Open 60 boat Roxy faces a slow haul over the last 750 miles to the finish line. As her latest missive reveals:

‘Fewer than 800 miles to go; the finish seems to be getting close!

From now on though, Roxy is going to start to slow down as we get overtaken by the high pressure that is rushing up behind us. Yet again I am going to have a frustrating few days of light winds – the Atlantic is really testing my light airs sailing. What’s more, my wish to be home by Valentine’s Day is looking even more difficult to achieve!

So instead of trying to dodge the high, which seems almost impossible, I am trying to put Roxy in the best place to catch the wind on the other side. This is easier said than done, as the forecasts are pretty vague.

I am, however, incredibly glad of the forecast for Marco’s sake, as the light winds will hopefully enable Safran to get to the finish safely. After all Marco has done, he deserves to get there and I am keeping everything crossed for a safe passage for him and Safran.

Yesterday was wet and bumpy, yet fast and fun! As the winds were dropping I had plenty of exercise to do to shake out reefs and change up headsails: we are now sailing under full sail. Roxy is nice and clean, as the tons of water have nicely rinsed the deck and cockpit! The calmer weather should now leave the decks dry until the finish, so I must make sure not to spill my tea or dinner on the deck as there will probably not be any more “washing machine” conditions!’

At 1100 UK time, Sam Davies aboard Roxy was in 3rd position, 758 miles from the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne, France.

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