For hands that do dishes...

Vendee Globe non-stop, solo round the world skipper Sam Davies has a breeze at last.

Here’s her latest log:

‘ Well, the red socks and the whistling finally found the wind, as Roxy hooked into a cold front at last! However with the wind has come torrential rain; Roxy and I have been drenched all day. It’s actually quite nice though as it’s warm rain. I even got some of my favourite clothes and hand washed them in the water that was running off the mainsail. There are lots of happy people on board Roxy – me because there is wind, Lucky the duck because he loves the rain, and my salad sprouts enjoyed a little time on deck in the rain too!!!

The wind has been pretty erratic, going from 10 to 38 knots, so I have had to be reactive with my sail changes, anticipating the big gusts and reducing sail beforehand. So I spent a lot of time on deck in the rain and it’s the first time my hands have been soaked in fresh water for ages. They were all shrivelled up like prunes! I think that I will need a very special manicure after this race to try and turn my sailor’s hands back into girls’ hands!!!’