Leading trust director claims

Sailing schools can offer unemployed youngsters some hope, a former Princes Trust director claims. Richard Thornton, recently appointed CEO of the Isle of Wight-based UKSA, said: ‘At a time when youth unemployment continues to climb and the future can appear bleak for a whole generation of young people, there is an ever greater need for organisations like UKSA.’
Previously Thornton worked for national youth charity, Fairbridge as Operations Director and saw the organisation through their merger into The Prince’s Trust. He will take up his new role on 10th June 2013.

He said: ‘The support they provide genuinely creates exceptional opportunities for young people to move towards a brighter future. It is essential work and I am privileged to be part of it.’

UKSA, in partnership with Yachting Monthly magazine, rescued Sir Francis Chichester’s 60ft ketch, Gipsy Moth IV, and, after a restoration, flagged up a voyage around the world crewed by youngsters in need of a step up.

The UKSA is a youth education and maritime training charity. Its work is focused in four key areas: non-standard education for school-age children, adventure and personal challenge, building essential life and work skills, and training for maritime employment.