Round the world bid continues

Sailing schoolboy Mike Perham, 16, has taken his Open 50 out for a trial sail after the repairs to the rudder and the mast and rig in Cape Town and continue his bid to become the youngest solo circumnavigator.

‘We sailed for around three hours, tacking, gybing and testing all that we could whilst we were at sea. With the rigger and sail maker both happy and the rudder feeling perfect, we headed back all satisfied.

‘After berthing and tidying up a little we’ve headed up to the yacht club and here I am now typing this! Everyone here at the yacht club and in Cape Town is so very hospitable and welcoming we’ve really been able to feel right at home which has been so nice. There’s a few little jobs still to be done before I set off, but with the big one’s behind us, things are looking good and we’re all wearing large smiles tonight. I’m a massive step closer to getting back out on the water!’

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