Mike Perham heading south at 8 knots

Sailing schoolboy Mike Perham has passed the Cape Verdes and is approaching the Doldrums in his Open 50.

‘It’s become like an oven inside Totallymoney.com with no ventilation apart from my small entry door and a tiny 12 volt fan. I’m sure that I could boil an egg on the black surfaces on the deck!,’ he said.

‘Today I’ve carried on with a couple more small jobs. For example, I’ve charged the emergency Iridium satellite phone, which is kept in the grab bag. I’ve now gybed onto a south-westerly course aiming to reach the longitude of 28 30W and then I will gybe back. The more west we get then the better our route through the doldrums will be. They’re not looking fantastic at the moment, which is why we are going pretty far out west. But they could be a lot worse, which is nice to know.’

Perham, 16, is hoping to become the youngest person to sail solo and non-stop around the world.

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