Mike Perham to help change broken Britain

Mike Perham, the youngest person to sail solo around the world, has become an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, the British youth charity headed by HRH Prince Charles that helps change young lives. The 17 year old adventurer from Potters Bar, who took 9 months to circumnavigate the Globe and returned to Portsmouth at the end of August, made his first official engagement at a Sport United reception held at the Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Mike is now back attending St Albans College to complete his Sports Performance and Excellence Diploma before joining Australian adventurer Don McIntryre and two other crew on the Bounty Boat Expedition. They will re-live Capt. Bligh’s remarkable 4,000 mile voyage in an open boat from Tonga to Timor 221 years after the famous mutiny on HMS Bounty. Mike will be working with the Prince’s Trust to inspire and encourage ordinary young people to achieve the extraordinary.

“Nothing is impossible if you really really set your heart on doing something special and prepare for it” says Mike, who also set a world record for sailing across the Atlantic singlehanded at the age of 14.

Mike, who has just returned from a speaking tour in Hong Kong as part of a corporate and social responsibility initiative organised by his sponsor, VocaLink, spoke about his solo voyage to a group of 6th formers at The Island School and to young sailors at the Royal Hong Kong YC, and wants to continue this work. “If I can motivate just one person at each talk to go out and ‘live their dream’ I feel I will have achieved something. If I can inspire two or three to turn their dreams into reality, then I will have achieved something special.” he says.

Annie Lycett, the Head of Ambassadors at the Prince’s Trust says: “We are delighted to have Mike as an ambassador. His inspiring story and determination to succeed is an excellent example to those young people whom we aim to help”

Mike’s story has been filmed for Channel 4’s documentary series ‘Cutting Edge’. ‘Dangerous Seas For Boys’ follows Mike’s primeval struggle with nature as he films his time at sea, combined with the poignant family saga of his parents and friends eagerly following his journey from dry land. The film will broadcast on Channel 4 in November.