Sam Davies's latest report

‘It’s a long race,’ people keep saying about the Vendee Globe, solo,non-stop, round-the-world-race. On that basis Sam Davies, just 267 miles behind the leading boat, Gitana Eighty, sailed by Loick Peyron, is still in with a chance of a place.

Here is her latest report from her Open 60 Roxy: ‘Having gybed onto starboard to get a bit further West, I took the opportunity to climb up my mast to check everything was OK. It is easier for me on starboard tack and I think this the last time I’ll be on this tack for a while.

‘A great view from up there! Unfortunately my camera setting wasn’t perfect but you’ll get the idea.

‘All was OK, so I whizzed back down to ground level!! Then as I was getting ready to gybe I saw a little sail on the horizon! Pindar!!

‘So now we are sailing along, side by side (well, almost – I’m just in front for the moment actually) with Brian. We had a quick chat, but I didn’t want to stop him from his sail repair for too long.

It’s nice to sail with company for once – and funny to think that in an ocean so huge we can bump into each other like that! Sam x’