Getting knotted

More than 500 people entered the bowline knot tying competition at the PSP Southampton Boat Show…and the winner, Richard Hogg from London, took a breath-taking 0.3 seconds beating RYA CEO Rod Carr by being six times faster.

Rod’s time – 1.8 seconds – was still pretty good even though his wife Lynne beat his time!

Richard said: ‘I am really excited to be the winner in the RYA bowline competition. There are really no secrets or black magic to the technique, other than nimble fingers. As with many things, the key is to practice and practice more.’

Paul Bayliss, Marketing Operations Manager said: “The Bowline tie competition proved extremely popular throughout the show and it’s clear to see that there is some very swift rope work going on out there.

Prizes are now winging their way to the lucky winners.

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