Islay lifeboat crewmen saved after inflatable hits rock

Two Islay lifeboat crew members were airlifted to the safety of their all weather lifeboat, after they used the lifeboat’s Y class inflatable to rescue two stranded yachtsmen, whose 50 ft motor yacht sank off the Isle of Jura. Both lifeboat crewmen are safe and well, as are the yachtsmen.   The motor yacht Enterprise, had run aground on a rock close to the island of Eilean Nan Gabhar, off the Isle of Jura in the Western Isles. The skipper managed to stay on the rock, but the yacht’s crewman had to swim to the island, where he was rescued by the all weather lifeboat.

Then, using two of the lifeboat crewmen on board, the Coxswain of the all weather lifeboat launched the Y class inflatable boat from the all weather lifeboat to rescue the skipper from the rock. However, the Y class inflatable also ran aground. The Royal Navy’s helicopter from Prestwick then airlifted the two lifeboatmen and the skipper to safety.