Gloves off

Experienced Swedish sailor Gurra Krantz with an America’s Cup and Volvo
Ocean Race behind him, wants to renew the sailing sport. He believes
there’s need for simplification. He has clear views on how sailing can be
developed to be more understandable to the public and more interesting for
sailors. ‘Remove all rules,’ he said. ‘But if there is contact
between the boats, disqualify both.’

Krantz plans to try and arrange such a race in Sweden next year. ‘Something
must be done to lift the sailing sport,’ he said, referring to the upswing
in interest that hockey has had since someone dared to change the format.
‘It is impossible to compare sailing and hockey in all aspects,’ he said.
‘But from being fairly interesting, hockey is now the most interesting of
all TV sports. Something must be learned from that,’ he claims.

Krantz will make it so that it is allowed to touch marks, he will remove
rules on mark roundings and the basic keep clear rules. ‘Everything is
allowed, except for the collision. Then both will be disqualified,’ he said.
‘If that doesn’t work, we begin at the other end and enter simple rules that
we need.’

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