Reader's passage was 'ill-advised'

The publishers of Reeds Almanac have contacted Yachting Monthly promising to amend details of a shoal water passage following a reader’s account of grounding while on a yacht delivery. However they add his passage was ‘ill-advised’.

Delivery skipper Max Liberson, 50, from Battlesbridge, Essex was bringing a 27ft Seamaster yacht from Portsmouth to Thurrock when he ran aground off the North Kent coast. He had been relying on information given in Reeds.

Reeds say: ‘We are always grateful to receive feedback from our readers, and we will amend the entry about this particular passage to reflect the apparent shoaling reported by Max Liberson. However, we cannot stress strongly enough the importance of consulting large scale official charts during the planning process. If he had done so, Max Liberson would have noted that the depths shown are in places less than 2 metres and a passage at low water springs (the height of tide at the time was about 0.1 metre) was probably ill-advised.’

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