Yachting Monthly has exclusive report


Yorkshire yacht-chartering couple Steve Jones, a 46-year-old extreme sports company boss and his 44-year-old wife Katherine were anchored in a lonely cove at Chateaubelair on St Vincent, in the Caribbean over Christmas when they suffered a vicious attack by armed pirates.

Their Dufour 385 was secured except for the front cabin hatch, which was open. Steve said: ‘At 00.30 we were boarded and viciously attacked by 3 armed men, 2 with machetes and one with a hand gun.?I was left with minor cuts, 3 lacerations on my back and 2 head wounds that required stitching. After an initial struggle I was held with a knife to my neck in the front cabin while my wife was taken into the main cabin by the other 2 men. ??They threatened dozens of times to kill us and rape my wife and demanded money and also a watch and mobile phone. They took approx $1000 in various currencies and Nokia phone but left a laptop, binoculars and cameras, etc, which were all in open view.’

Steve reveals for the first time, in a Yachting Monthly special report, on the attack and what followed. See our March issue for more exclusive pictures.