CA updates Gulf of Aden guidelines

The Cruising Association has updated its sailing guidelines for yachtsmen sailing the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden, following a warning by the Royal Navy of increased pirate attacks in the area. Ten vessels, including a warship, were attacked in just five days between 28th March and 2nd April, the CA was told.

Pirates are now ranging further across the Somali Basin and there is a possibility of attacks occurring as far east as the coast of India and as far south as Madagascar.

The Foreign Office now advises yachts to avoid the entire Seychelles area except in the immediate vicinity of the main island.

In response to these warnings the International Sailing Federation as well as the Cruising Association, has updated and re-issued its guidelines to yachtsmen contemplating a passage through the Gulf of Aden and the Somali Basin. A single-sheet summary of the guidelines has been sent to marina managers in all the places frequented by long-distance sailors.

The full guidelines are freely available on the Cruising Association website and ISAF website