Boy sailor continues round world

Sailing schoolboy Mike Perham, 17, has finally left Tasmania and is steering north-east through the Tasman Sea heading for the Pacific Ocean.

His latest missive is as upbeat as ever:

‘I’ve made great progress since leaving Hobart and is really romping along here in the Tasman Sea, occasionally surfing at 20 knots. It’s really gusty right now but just accelerates out of each gust as it comes through – it’s a really terrific feeling.

‘My stomach has become a bit more settled now and I’ve already finished off the first of my fresh chickens. I’m still occasionally feeling a little bit queasy but I’m sure my sea legs are right on the horizon now.

‘Last night I was met with a surprise when I spotted a fleet of ten fishing boats. I didn’t expect them to be right out here in the Tasman! I didn’t get very much sleep as I had to keep a very good look out, making sure I didn’t end up too close to any of them.

‘It’s really great to be out here again; I’m really loving the fast sailing. I’m also looking forward to the weather getting warmer as I head north. Maybe I won’t even need the thermals!’

His route suggests he will now head for Panama, but no final decision will be made until he is much further east. The next issue of Yachting Monthly covers in detail the big decision in the youngster’s life: whether to round Cape Horn in winter or head for the easier Panama option.

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