Out of the Caribbean and into the open Atlantic for Mike

Mike Perham, the Potters Bar 17 year-old, has had his tracker turned on again after leaving behind the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and entering the Atlantic. This afternoon Mike and his Open 50 TotallyMoney.com are halfway between Palm Beach and Grand Bahama, heading north and getting a big shove from the Gulf Stream.

‘I’ve had quite a relaxing day, chilling out and enjoying the weather,’ said Mike. ‘I’m now charging north at a fraction under 11 knots which has really got me smiling. When Totallymoney.com wants to go there’s no stopping her!

‘I had a great chat with Dad earlier about my final leg home. He thinks I’m going to get back home a day earlier than I’ve predicted (in 19 more days instead of 20), so we’ll wait and see what happens there – still a long way to go that’s for sure!

‘The traffic has been busy. Earlier on, I’d spent a few anxious hours watching a ship come up from behind on the AIS. I was sailing at 10-11knots and the ship was charging along at 22 – I was slap bang in his way. It was a bit eerie having a ship so close but he moved aside to overtake, giving me 300m space. I had plenty of room to scoot off downwind if I had needed too.’

When he arrives back in Portsmouth, Mike will sail into the record books as the youngest ever circumnavigator.

Click below to see Mike’s latest video blog from Cuba, in which he seems a bit confused by the weather!