More autopilot trouble forces teen sailor back to port

Mike Perham’s bid to become the youngest circumnavigator ever has veered off course yet again with more autopilot trouble. The 17-year-old had repaired rudder bearings and was ready to leave Hobart on Sunday 3 May but was forced to wait in port as a low brought 50 knots to the area.

Departure went ahead as planned this morning, Hobart time, but then the problems started. ‘The pilot was throwing out alarms for no wind despite there being a good strong breeze,’ reported Mike. ‘This really got me down as it happened within an hour of leaving the dock!’

‘I made quite a few calls and after about half an hour I spun round, dropped the sails and headed back with the knowledge that the new pilot processor would be in a plane this evening and with me very early the next morning,’ added Mike. ‘The support from the B and G guys down here has been fantastic and they’ve been a real help in getting this new part out straight away.’

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