No sign of B&Q, Volvo, or Whitbread on this little hull....just the rust streaks of real endeavour

Traditional yachtswoman Lin Pardey described her small boat record around the Horn as: ‘Definitely the adventure of a life time.’

She and partner Larry have now completed their east about, against the prevailing wind circumnavigation. Taleisin, the Lyle Hess designed 29’6″ engineless cutter Lin and Larry built themselves now holds the record as the smallest vessel to have accomplished this feat.

Taking 21 days from 50 south in the Atlantic, to 50 south in the Pacific, the well known voyagers encountered several days of headwinds in excess of 60 knots. But it is the light winds Lin speaks of mostly. ‘I had dreamed of rounding Cape Horn with our nylon drifter set, just as we have at each of the other southern capes.

Larry was a real hero, helming for 16 hours as we beat to windward in force 10 blizzard conditions so we could arrive in time to meet up with a small high-pressure cell. Then we did it, cold as H? but light beam winds to help us into the Pacific. Paid for it about three days later ? hove to for three days in really snarly stuff. But came through with no real damage. Now I wake up each morning feeling grand. Reason? Don’t have to worry about going around Cape Horn any more.’

These two have now circumnavigated both east about and west about, engineless, unsponsored and using traditional methods of navigation. You can read about their voyaging at