Yachting Monthly columnist Tom Cunliffe talks at Falmouth museum

Tom Cunliffe, one of Britain’s leading writers and speakers on seafaring, will be sharing some of his salty experiences with an audience at National Maritime Museum Cornwall on Wednesday 7 May 2003.

Cunliffe, who has worked on vessels of all sizes from dinghies to large gaff schooners, will take a look at the sailing of yesteryear and the high technology driven seafaring of today.

Cunliffe concludes: “For most of my life, I’ve had connections with gaffers. I’ve crossed oceans in them, raced them, loved them, cursed them, then gone out and bought bigger ones. They can be absolute bears to sail, or they can be surprisingly easy. Much depends on you, but in either case the emotional rewards of getting it right are enormous.”

Tickets are available at £5.00, call 01326 214555 for more information.