Charity paddle race set for July

A team of British surfers are preparing to travel to Cuba to paddle 112 miles from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida on a 16 ft surfboard.

This is the first time a British team has set out to cross the Straits of Florida by paddleboard and the team are hoping to raise thousands of pounds for Cancer Research UK. Also at stake is a Guinness World Record.

The team of paddlers will be competing with four other international teams from across the USA and South Africa. Leaving from Marina Hemmingway in Cuba, the race will take place between 13 – 18 July. Depending on the full moon and tides the teams hope to reach Florida some twenty hours later.

The paddlers will use just their hands and arms to propel the board across the water and they will work in relay, one paddling whilst the others rest on a boat nearby.

Anyone wishing to support them can contact Monty Young on 0207 582 8446, via the team website or at