Freya Aldred celebrates her 12th birthday on ARC's smallest yacht

Teeny crew Freya Aldred enjoyed her 12th birthday in Mid-Atlantic aboard Canina, a Van de Stadt sloop: at 29 ft, the smallest boat of the 230 plus boats in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC).

Here is her email log: ‘ 05:30 Disturbed by mum and dad taking in warps after a rough night of rather large dangerous waves. ’08:30 Mum and Dad sing happy birthday followed by opening presents which I found interesting because there were more than I expected. ’16:00 The mini fish net – one of the highlights of the day because I get to talk to my other friends doing the ARC, also Nosille sang happy birthday over the SSB. ’18:00 Time to make the cake – which turned out to be an oreo cake. ’19:30 Cake time – with 12 candles! it was delicious!!!

‘The whole day turned out to be really fun but it was really lonely not being able to see any of my friends. ‘