Scottish town gets by-passed

Scottish islanders have called for Tarbert to be reinstated on satellite navigation system maps.  Tarbert, Loch Fyne, on Scotland’s West Coast has been the home of Scotland’s largest sailing regatta for over 30 years.  However, those who rely on their satnav to get to the event could find themselves heading for the ferry terminal to Islay missing the village altogether! 

The picturesque town is also omitted from Google Maps which has led to confusion amongst potential competitors.  With many entries coming from outside Scotland, it is a real concern for event organisers who are worried that interested sailors will be unable to locate the village when considering signing up. 

Jeremy Glen, Brewin Dolphin Scottish Series Event Chairman said, “While we already have a number of entries for the event for this year’s event, we are worried that in this digital age, people will rely heavily on online maps and could struggle to find the village when thinking about signing up. 

“We have always been keen to attract more competitors from outside Scotland.  The Scottish Series provides such a unique sailing experience with the challenging waters, stunning scenery and real Scottish hospitality, we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on experiencing it for themselves.

“In addition when we get the bank holiday weekend we want competitors to have an enjoyable journey up to Tarbert – not one fraught with confusion as they find themselves lost on the West Coast.” 

Tarbert is a stunning location and the Series is one of the major events it hosts each year turning over in excess of £1 million for the local economy.  This year’s event takes place between 22 – 25 May. 

In the May issue of Yachting Monthly we publish a 10-page Scottish special.

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