Classic sailing book re-published

Now and again you read a book which makes you want to meet the author. Such is his power of communication you feel a strong sense of sympathy, that he might understand you if you did meet him! George Millar is one of those writers.

The former Fleet Street reporter, undercover agent in Nazi-occupied France, farmer yachtsman and author has had his excellent cruising book, Isabel and the Sea, re-published posthumously. Thousands of lucky readers who have never heard of George Millar are in for a real treat.

The book describes the voyage by George and his wife Isabel from the Hamble to Athens via the French Canals in a 49ft converted Looe lugger just after World War II ended. He was one of the first yachtsmen to make such a passage. After I read this book I wanted to meet George and had arranged to go and interview him for Yachting Monthly. Alas he died before I managed to get down to his Dorset home. I now wish I’d dropped everything to get to see him.

Isabel & the Sea, by George Millar, published by The Dovecote Press at £22.50 ISBN 1 904349 46 3.