Youthful records sought

The two teenagers both racing to become the youngest solo circumnavigators could pass one another in the next few weeks each going in opposite directions.

The UK’s Mike Perham, 16, who left Falmouth on 18 November could cross track with American Zac Sunderland, 17, who set off from Marina Del Rey, California on 14 June.

Zac is currently in Durban, South Africa waiting for a weather window to make his way to Cape Town. His father, Laurence, will fly out to meet him there before he sets off across the Atlantic for Panama and the last leg home. He passed his half way mark when he arrived in Mauritius.  He needs to be north of Baja California, Mexico by June 1st to miss hurricane season in the Pacific.

Meanwhile Mike is heading south down the Atlantic towards the Doldrums and hopes to pass the Cape of Good Hope en route to the Southern Ocean and eventually Cape Horn. He hopes to be back in the UK before his 17th birthday next March.

Zac here 

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