Golding to score hatrick

Ocean legend Mike Golding is on course to become the first sailor ever to finish three Vendée Globe races.

But the former fireman is having to throttle back occasionally to deal with the increased flow of water in through the keel box of his Open 60 Gamesa.

‘The water is filling up in the keel box and I have a lot of water in the boat, I am having to pump every hour and I am nervous about going too fast as it pressurises right to the top of the keel box and there is water coming out everywhere,’ he said.

‘Right now I have 22 knots of wind and am reaching in nice conditions, perfect for going to Les Sables d’Olonne, if you haven’t got a boat full of water! I am having to stop occasionally to pump out. I can’t make the pump work at speed as it empties into the keel box.’

Golding is due to hit stronger more upwind conditions as the winds shift more to the north for him.