YM columnist Tom Cunliffe is presenter

Tom Cunliffe, the well-known author and yachting journalist, will be presenting a 6-part series called The Boats that Built Britain on BBC4 TV commencing in May. It is part of a major new season of programmes looking at the crucial way in which the sea has helped shape our island.

The programmes, produced by Form Films, examine the pivotal boats involved in Britain’s exploration, trade, fishing and defence. Tom sails on board the following charismatic vessels:

  • The replica of Cabot’s ship, The Matthew
  • The Reaper – a huge, lug-rigged fishing boat
  • Higgins WWII Landing Craft
  • The Phoenix a brig
  • The Pickle – the replica of the schooner that brought the news of Nelson’s victory and death at Trafalgar
  • Olga and Cariad – two classic pre-WWI pilot cutters

Alongside BBC Four’s celebration of the sea, the National Maritime Museum has arranged an exhibition to accompany The Boats That Built Britain series. Tom will also be delivering two lectures there; one giving the background to the programme and the other about pilot cutters.

For more information see www.tomcunliffe.com or email snugberth@aol.com