Kitesurfer clocks up extra 4 knots

An American kitesailor has become the fastest sailor on the planet. Rob Douglas clocked up 55.65 knots in Luderitz,Namibia.

The challenge was to see who would set the fastest average speed
over a 500-meter distance. But the goal for the riders was not just to be he fastest in Luderitz, but to be faster than the official outright world speed record held by the foiling trimaran Hydroptere with skipper Alain Thebault, which in 2009 set a speed of 51.36 knots in Hyeres, France.

On October 28th, with the wind blowing up to 45 knots, American
kitesailor Rob Douglas (USA) raised the bar further than anyone had gone
before, hitting a new record speed of 55.65 knots. While this record remains unofficial until it is ratified by the World Sailing Speed Record Council, a verification process expected to be completed by early December.