Holt crosses Atlantic

Record breaking Geoff Holt was set to arrive in Tortola today to become the first quadriplegic to sail across the Atlantic. He has sailed the 2,700 mile journey across the Atlantic on a 60ft purpose built catamaran Impossible Dream, unassisted in every aspect of the sailing. ETA 1600hrs GMT.

It has taken twenty eight days in total from his departure in Lanzarote to the arrival and emotional return to Cane Garden Bay where he will revisit the place of his accident that paralysed him 25years ago.

This is the fourth time Geoff has sailed the Atlantic, but the first since his life changing accident in 1984 which left him paralysed from the chest down. Diving into shallow water broke his neck causing a complete spinal cord injury and he has used a wheelchair ever since.

Overall, the journey has been far from plain sailing, Geoff was most worried about sleep deprivation but he has faced a mountain of other challenges along the way. Engine problems just three days in meant an essential stop to the Cape Verde Islands and unexpected light prevailing winds made progress frustratingly slow for Geoff. It has also been emotionally straining having to spend Christmas and New Year apart from his Wife Elaine and seven year old Son Timmy.

Geoff Holt explains how he feels as he approaches Tortola “I cannot tell you how excited I am…. to realise the dream of a Transatlantic crossing, knowing I’ve done it after all the preparation and planning not to mention seeing Elaine and Timmy and all my friends who are waiting for me. It’s very emotional.”

Geoff’s family and friends have been flown out to meet him in Antigua by British Airways after Geoff was awarded the flights through the BA Great Britons programme.

In 2007, Geoff sailed his way into the record books when he completed his Personal Everest when he became the first disabled yachtsman to sail single-handed around Great Britain. Geoff hopes that his journey will raise awareness of the accomplishment of other disabled sportsmen and women and inspire others to push their own personal boundaries. www.geoffholt.com