The renowned maritime authority, Trinity House has announced it will become the patron of the charity, the RCC Pilotage Foundation

The RCC Pilotage Foundation has been endorsed by Trinity House, which has just agreed to become its patron.

Both charities say they have similar aims in the education of mariners and the public in supporting safe navigation and pilotage at sea.

The RCC Pilotage Foundation, which publishes guides and pilots for sea areas around the world, said the move by Trinity House will help underline “the quality and authority” of its work.

Commenting on the announcement, the deputy master of Trinity House, Captain Ian McNaught, said: “Having examined its work and methodology, we are pleased to have become the Patron of the RCC Pilotage Foundation. We hope that this relationship will deepen the value of their publications and broaden our relationship with the smaller vessel sailor and owner.”

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The chair of the trustees of the RCC Pilotage Foundation, Nigel Wollen, said the charity was honoured to be granted the patronage of such a prestigious body as Trinity House.

“We are confident that this recognition will greatly enhance the work of our foundation and we look forward to a long and productive relationship with out new patron,” he added.

The foundation is supported by the Royal Cruising Club, which coordinated the authoring of many of the pilots in everyday use for sailing in many part of the world.

Its work is produced and distributed by Imrays and by Bloomsbury. It also has self-publicised work – some with not charge – on its website.