Bid to halt decline in racing


Cruising yachts in Chichester are being given a new racing handicap. The measurement handicap fleet of Chichester Cruiser Racing Club will race under the Velocity Prediction Rating System (VPRS). Proven through comprehensive testing on the racetrack, the VPRS rating calculator requires only a straightforward set of dimensions to generate a rigorous, realistic and practical assessment of sailing performance. VPRS delivers race results which are a fair and reliable reflection of a yacht’s performance on the water.
“The number of boats in our fleet with measurement handicaps has been declining”, says CCRC Commodore David Perrin, “because members felt that they were not getting the best value from the established rating systems for our style of racing. VPRS gives us realistic time corrected finishes for a fraction of the cost”.
Racing under VPRS will prove attractive to many cruiser-racers who are keen to race on a level platform against like-minded yachtsmen in a diverse variety of boats. Chichester Cruiser Racing Club is looking forward to extending a warm welcome to many new members this season.
In 2014 CCRC will offer measurement handicap racing for those who want to test their sailing skills against an objective standard and also progressive personal handicaps for those who prefer a more relaxed style. Racing is round the cans in Hayling Bay or down the Solent to a welcoming venue. Committee boat starts, experienced race management and great parties ensure enjoyable weekends on the water throughout the Summer.
“The ethos of CCRC is to offer good racing at a sensible price and VPRS is all part of that package” concludes Perrin.