Seldén Masts Ltd has launched three smaller models of their Furlex for dinghies and keelboats with 3-4mm forestays

Three new Furlex models – the 20S, 30S and 40S – have been launched by Seldén Masts Ltd.

All three are designed specifically for dinghies and keelboats with 3-4mm forestays.

They are based on a rotating forestay wire as opposed to the luff foil found on the larger Furlex models.

Produced with stainless steel structural parts and composite ancillary elements, the new top swivel and bottom furler is an ideal light weight for smaller boats.

The Furlex 30S and 40S are also available with a secondary jib halyard swivel.

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This would allow the jib to be hoisted on a permanent wire forestay and then furled. Traditionally, a jib would have to be furled on a separate wire to the forestay.

“The main yacht Furlex system is now in its fourth generation and continues to evolve,” commented Seldén Masts’ managing director, Steve Norbury.

“We felt that the same technology and innovation could be applied to produce a simple furling solution for both dinghies and keelboats; the result being the Furlex 20S, 30S and 40S,” he continued.

“The development of these new smaller furling systems demonstrates our commitment to design and manufacture of sailing equipment across the board and not just for the yacht market,” he added.

The new Seldén dinghy and keelboat furlers will be on display at METS in Amsterdam from 14-16 November 2017.