Big claims made

Changes in the biodiesel and sulphur levels in modern bunker fuels are increasing the likelihood of microbiological fuel contamination for yachts, otherwise known as ‘the diesel bug‘. Fuelcare, a specialist in improving fuel quality, has announced the world’s first biocide injection system to banish these fuel quality issues.

Fuelcare is to install its biocide injection system into a new 81m Abeking and Rasmussen vessel. Oliver Rumford-Warr, managing director of Fuelcare said, “Fuel quality is worsening and is no longer homogenous, especially around the Mediterranean and Caribbean, as often these places have some of the lowest quality fuels in the world with inconsistent housekeeping procedures and differing local storage practices.

“Fuelcare has been planning a major step forward for fuel quality on board superyachts and we are about to install the world’s first biocide injection system into a brand new vessel after six months of planning.”

The ‘Fuelcare Marine Bunker Injection System’ injects an additive when fuel is bunkered, with fuel pressure driving a turbine to inject a precise, consistent stream of a leading biocide such as KATHON FP 1.5 from Dow Microbial. The product uses the latest CMIT/MIT microbial technology to both prevent and cure microbial problems in hydrocarbon fuels.

When used as a preventative measure the product can be injected into fuel by an automated injection system, such as that being installed on the 81m Abeking & Rasmussen new build superyacht. By dosing automatically, this preserves fuel quality irrespective of re-inoculation of the diesel bug from bunkering fuel.

“Essentially a vessel is ‘future-proofing’ i.e. if any other fuel-related issues become a major problem in future, the injection engineering is already in place to provide additives as a treatment. The system provides precision injection, which ensures no additive wastage, reduced additive costs and no human manual handling errors. The system requires no power and is a ‘fit and forget’ solution which often last for over 20 years,” Mr Rumford-Warr added.

Fuelcare is a 25 year-old business dedicated to maintaining fuel quality and cleanliness in the marine industry. The business was formed by an ex-merchant navy engineer with over 40 years’ experience in fuel bunkering across the world. Fuelcare provides a range of fuel treatments such as biocides & detergents as well as on-site test kits, consultancy, sampling & fuel lab testing for the diesel bug.