200 descendants of Trafalgar sailors to meet up

Two hundred descendants of the officers and sailors who fought at the Battle of Trafalgar will assemble in Portsmouth naval base on 26 June for a unique gathering.

Descendants have travelled from as far as Canada, Australia and the
Middle East to be part of this event, which will be marked by a group
picture alongside HMS Victory.

17 of the British ships that took part in the Battle are represented.
Among those present will be Mrs Anna Tribe, Nelson’s closest living
relative, as well as other descendants of the Nelson family and those
of his second in command, Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood. Also
represented are Captain Blackwood, Nelson’s leading frigate captain,
and Lieutenant Lapenotiere, who carried the news of the Battle back
to England in the schooner, HMS Pickle.

There will also be a re-creation of the image of the 1806 Benjamin
West picture, ‘The Death of Nelson’, using descendants of the
original characters in the picture who are identifiable through a key
provided by West at the time.