By the man he sold his beloved boat to

A moving eulogy to micro-mariner Charles Stock, was read out at his funeral yesterday.

The 85-year-old who sailed more than 70,000 mies in a 16ft cabin boat called Shoal Waters, inspired hundreds of small boat sailors.

The tribute was read by Tony Smith, who now owns the little green Fairey Falcon, Charles made famous.

‘Charles had become a living legend, an inspiration in equal measure to countless newcomers to sailing and the established old salts of the coast. He showed us what was possible with the most basic of equipment; a tide table, compass, binoculars and a sounding cane.

‘Charles’s life-long enthusiasm and energy for cruising was crowned in 2010 when he received the Royal Cruising Club’s Lifetime Award for services to cruising.When leaving for the boat on a Friday night, to go cruising, his wife Joy would tell him “you can sail around the world as long as you are back by Monday”.  

‘It is with this love and support from his beloved wife that Charlie could indulge in what became the most important passion in his life after his family, sailing.

                                                                                                                                                                 ‘Charles other interests were ballroom dancing and photography. His pictures would always accompany his written articles of which there were over 60 published, and of course there is his book, Sailing Just For fun. To simply go sailing with Chas felt as if you were doing something great. And it was great, a great pleasure to have met him and to have been affected by him for the better, and to have adventured in those same shoal waters.  God bless him and may he rest in peace.’