First father, then son, now mother tries for solo Atlantic


Three years after 15 year old Seb Clover sailed into the record books by becoming the youngest skipper to sail single-handed across the Atlantic,in a Contessa 32 his mother Dolores, is having a go in a Contessa 26.

Dolores is retracing Seb’s track on her own single-handed transatlantic odyssey.  She set out alone from Puerto Colon in Tenerife on the 12th February and is set to make Antigua around the 16th March – making the Clover family the only family whose every member has sailed single-handed across the Atlantic!

The boat’s cockpit has twice been swamped by seas which have come aboard and the tradewinds in a year which has been claimed by some to be the worst Atlantic weather in 200 years.

Dolores has already travelled over one and a half thousand miles and still has a thousand miles to go before she reaches safe haven at Nelsons Dockyard Antigua – on or around the 16th March.