Job list grows

Sailing schoolboy Mike Perham, 16, is adding to a long list of jobs which need to be done to his Open 50, before he can re-start his ambitious circumnavigation bid from Gran Canaria.

He said: ‘ We haven’t stopped working on the boat since my last post. I’ve been up the rig attaching foam to the spreaders; Jon’s been working away with the sewing machine on the lazy bag to adjust a couple of things here and there and Dad’s been all over with a fine-tooth-comb! The engine and ballast pump is back in one piece now that we’ve found and attached some new seals for it, which is a relief.

Everything’s really progressing but we keep finding other things to do here and there. Oh well, must push on to get away as soon as possible! Every extra day here is another day that I will be away from home.

Although I’m enjoying myself, I just want to get going out on the water… That’s where I’m supposed to be and right now that’s where I’m not.’

Perham hopes to become the youngest, solo, non-stop circumnavigator.

Meanwhile intrepid Japanese sailor, Minoru Saito, has left Hobart hoping to maintain his record as the oldest person to circumnavigate the globe. Saito,74, left Hobart yesterday to complete his circumnavigation after spending the past week repairing his boat. It is his eighth circumnavigation of the globe but the first time he has sailed the more difficult route from east to west.

Solo sailor