Yachts more at risk afloat than ashore: survey

Recent analysis of boat insurance claims has revealed that 68% of theft claims are more likely to happen when boats are moored for the summer months, not laid up for the winter.
The most common theft claim from a boat whilst moored, is for an outboard, the average claim amount being in excess of £800. The second most common claim is for onboard equipment with the average claim being £1,400. And with the current credit crunch having had an impact and the general high price of marine equipment, more people are looking to buy second hand goods at Boat Jumbles.
Sailing is one of the favourite past times of the over 50’s and Saga Insurance warns its customers to be particularly vigilant as the same jumbles attract the less scrupulous trader often selling goods that have been obtained dishonestly.

Undercover policemen do the rounds of boat jumbles, but all too frequently find stolen goods on sale. Therefore customers need to be careful what they buy – not only because buying stolen goods encourages the trade, but also because they might be throwing their money away. If you don’t legally own it, you haven’t actually bought it. Even if you pay hundreds of pounds for an outboard, if it turns out to be stolen you will lose both the engine and your money.