This year the Moody Owners Association celebrates it’s 30th anniversary

MOA was set up in 1985 as an association of owners and those closely involved with sailing Moody yachts. Today it is the principal source of advice, technical information and support activities relating to these yachts.

Throughout the year the Moody Owners Association will be arranging a series of special events, enabling members to celebrate 30 years with them. These are to be held around the UK, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the USA and Australasia.

Moody started building wooden boats in the 1830s. Many privately commissioned yachts were built until 1965, when GRP became the construction material for the future and private commissions effectively stopped. Moody then began producing GRP yachts for the wider market and in 1972 entered into a major collaboration with Plymouth Ocean Projects (now Princess yachts). This lasted until 2005 and produced 65 different designs and 4,600 boats.

The vast majority of these yachts remain in active use; many are here in the UK but there are also significant numbers worldwide. ln 2005 the Moody brand was sold to Hanse yachts and new Moody designs continue to be produced under Hanse’s direction.

Membership is open to the owner of any Moody Yacht or the newly built boats by Hanse. For more information see