Yachting Monthly contributor Vyv Cox reports from the Greek islands, currently the front line for refugees seeking safety in Europe

Vyv Cox, Yachting Monthly contributor and experienced Mdediterranean sailor, has reported noticing a sharp increase in the numbers of refugees and migrants crossing from Turkey to Greece. His report and pictures show how visible and wide-spread the issue is becoming in the Greek islands.

‘As I am sure you know the migrant/refugee situation has deteriorated recently. Leros receives 80 or 90 people several times per day via a Greek Navy patrol boat. About a fortnight ago a large contingent of migrants was shipped out and the streets were empty again but now we understand there are hundreds again. Kos is overwhelmed with them, despite shipping out to Piraeas from time to time.’

‘We are on the south side of Kos now, where I took these photos today. There is a similar boat in Lakki and a smaller one at Xerokampos, both Leros.  We see abandoned lifejackets frequently on the water.’

For more information on refugees and migrants at sea, see our news report in Yachting Monthly, August 2015