Marinas around the UK are changing the way they sell diesel in response to demand for different types of fuel and for more information about the fuel

Many sailors are concerned about bio-diesel content in the fuel they buy.

European law (EN 590) now requires fuel for road vehicles to contain 7% biodiesel, also called FAME (fatty acid methyl ester). Biodiesel absorbs water from the atmosphere and unlike road users, sailors often keep diesel in their tanks for long periods. This puts them at risk of fuel blockages from water in fuel, diesel bug, or dissolved debris. Whilst much red diesel is still FAME-free, some of it may come from sources that contain FAME. Several marinas are helping sailors make informed choices by selling guaranteed FAME-free fuel.

The Moody Owners’ Association has compiled a list of these marinas across the UK.

If your marina isn’t on this list or you know of a marina that sells guaranteed FAME-free fuel, let us know at

Marinas selling guaranteed FAME-free fuel in the UK

South Coast

Plymouth Yacht Haven

Queen Anne’s Battery

Brixham Marina

Torquay Marina

Poole Bridge

Cobb’s Quay Marina

Berthon Marina, Lymington

Hamble Point Marina

Hythe Marina Village

Mercury Yacht Harbour

Port Hamble Marina

Saxon Wharf

Shamrock Quay

Cowes Harbour Fuels

Premier Marinas Swanwick

Northney Marina

Ocean Village Marina

Sparkes Marina

Royal Harbour Marina Ramsgate

East Coast

Conyer Marina

Gillingham Marina (Medway)

Chatham Maritime Marina

Bradwell Marina

Woolverstone Marina

Suffolk Yacht Harbour (Orwell)

Grimsby – Humber Cruising Association

West Coast and Wales

Dale Sailing at Neyland, Milford Haven


Rhu Marina, Clyde




Marinas selling white diesel

Royal Harbour Marina Ramsgate