New liferafts offered free

Navimo UK is recalling a batch of Far Eastern manufactured XM-branded liferafts that showed the potential for developing small leaks which might affect the overall buoyancy of the product.

After a prolonged time in the water, says Navimo, the occupants of the liferaft might have to use the pump supplied in the raft to top it up. The problem is confined to a limited batch of XM liferafts manufactured in the Far East carrying part numbers 53871 to 53876. This batch of rafts was manufactured from early 2006 onwards and were probably sold after June 2006.

‘While we’ve had no reports of any incidents with this batch of rafts, we take this matter extremely seriously,’ said Paul White, Navimo UK sales manager. ‘We just don’t feel comfortable offering a safety product that – no matter how small the possibility – might put anyone at risk. ‘So we want to get that entire batch of rafts back and replace them – free of charge – by the same type of product manufactured in our European factories.’

Navimo says any company with a raft – or rafts – from the affected batch should contact Carl Gilbert-Wood on 01489 778853, or email to arrange for shipment back to Navimo.

Any company having sold a raft from the affected batch should also contact Mr Gilbert-Wood to help trace the buyer and arrange the replacement raft.